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Asist. Dadiana Chiran

Dadiana Chiran

Sodelovanje pri predmetih: Predavatelj v študijskem letu 2018/19 sodeluje pri predmetih Ekonomska in poslovna kultura, Evropska demokracija in politična kultura, Evropske vrednote in identiteta, Politična sociologija in Evropske integracije.

Sodeluje kot:  Asistent

Govorilne ure: Po dogovoru


Področje Raziskovanja: ekonomska sociologija, politična sociologija

Zunanje povezave: 

Publisher: Alliance for a Clean Romania

Publisher: The Black Sea University Foundation under the auspices of the Romanian Academy of Science

Publisher: Project for a Democratic Union (PDU) Think-Tank

Publisher: New East Platform

  • Publisher: Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP)

Roma-minority economic empowerment.  An analytic assessment of the nexus between the welfare state efficiency and the poverty entrapment. Perspectives from Hungary and Romania’

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Dadiana Chiran graduated from University of Bucharest in Foreign Languages – Legal and Economic Terminology and continued her studies at University of Bologna and Corvinus University of Budapest thus obtaining a joint MA degree in “Interdisciplinary research and studies on Eastern Europe” studying path-dependent welfare systems in Eastern countries. In 2012, she attended the “European Law and Policy on Immigration and Asylum” programme of Universitè Libre de Bruxelles and started her collaboration with various political magazines and newspapers mainly focusing on socio-economic empowerment. In 2013/2014 worked as trainee within the Central European Initiative in Trieste/Italy focusing primarily on non-EU countries’ research as well as EU legislation monitoring. In 2015/2016 she was granted the Open Society Foundation Research Fellowship “Think-tank Young Professional Development Program” working within the Romanian Academic Society (RAS), Bucharest/Romania, conducting analysis on corruption, good governance, transparency in public procurement processes and state capture in Romania.