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Erasmus+ mobilnost na Dunaju, Todor Stojcevski

I spent exactly 30 days in Vienna, Austria. I enjoyed, studied, worked, helped, had fun. Thanks to the Erasmus + program and my home Faculty of Applied Social Studies in Nova Gorica I am very satisfied with all the stakeholders in the process who managed to make my stay in Austria beautiful, in such a way that I managed to meet new people, new values, new projects, to join a team that works and functions in, for me, a foreign country and environment. Therefore, I would like to thank my mentor at the Faculty, Professor Borut Roncevic, who motivated me to do an Erasmus education, and my mentor at Chapter 4 Network Agency, Boris Becker, for the wonderful reception and support in the process.

During my stay in Vienna, I learned how to communicate with customers in a European way, I learned that every communication “must” end, that it is necessary to close the communication in a certain way. I also learned what a working process means in European conditions, which is de facto different from the process of enjoying doing nothing. A process of creativity, of openness, of debate among colleagues to arrive at the right solution, predictions of what could happen and how to prevent it.

What made the biggest impression on me is the fact that there people communicate to understand each other and create a common reality, while overcoming all the challenges that will appear in this two-way process of communication and exchange of opinions, attitudes, values, ideas and knowledge. Of course, I will use all this in my further work and I hope that in this way, I will make a change in the environment in which I operate. 

Indeed, I had full support before and during my stay in Vienna in terms of applying for the Erasmus exchange, staying in Vienna and of course, I will remember this period as a month of full support from the Faculty and colleagues in my professional development at work and preparation of the doctoral dissertation. I highly recommend everyone who can, to have this experience and make a professional upgrade of their theoretical and practical experience and meet new people, a new way of working, new values, new knowledge. Simply, everything will be different in my professional development. Thanks to all.

Todor Stojcevski