You are currently viewing Dejavnost doktorske mobilnosti Erasmus+: Poletna šola Uvod v statistiko z metodo R na Univerzi v Wrocławu

Dejavnost doktorske mobilnosti Erasmus+: Poletna šola Uvod v statistiko z metodo R na Univerzi v Wrocławu

My summer school in statistics with R method in Wroclaw

When you think of summer, immediately the association is sea, sand, fun, enjoyment, socializing, but my summer started completely different. It is started with Summer School: Introduction to statistics with R method at University of Wrocław and organized by the Institute of Political Science. And I can tell you that it was a great summer, with a great summer school where I came with huge expectations. And I was right. Completely amazed, with summer school, and either with the professors who presented me the R method for quantitative methods in research in an excellent and perfect way, even that samotimes I was borring them, full of questions, even about the simplest details, they found a way to give me the simplest way, convey the knowledge, while making it understandable for me. What was presented to us in the area of quantitative research methods will help me a lot in the preparation of my dissertation. I have to express my respect to the professors who stayed very little in the theory of lecuring and devoted much more time and energy to the practical part, where through practical exercises we could see how to use the software and the using of the R method looks like. As a student who prefers practical work this was an excellent choice for summer school.

The delight of Wrocław and Poland is huge, a beautiful country with a rich history and culture that definitely need to visit again. The whole summer school was excellently organized and I have rich impressions not only on the educational level, but also on the social level because it allowed me to meet PhD students from all over Europe and make friends with whom I will be coperate in the future.

Many thanks to FUDSH for allowing me to be part of the Summer School and to gain knowledge that will allow me to advance in my career. In the future, I plan to visit other schools and trainings in order to expand my knowledge that will allow me to progress in my scientific career.

The Summer School take place in Wroclaw from 25th June – 1st July 2023.