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Incoming student from Palestina – Erasmus+ exchange

From where I can start talking about this amazing journey with help of the Erasmus+ programme, about green astonishing Slovenia. Slovenia was a great positive experience, the country itself and the people, the landscapes and the views, this experience was remarkable, and I will never forget it.
It was full of surprises and happiness. I don’t really know what to talk about because I want to talk about it all, but most significantly, my trip to Bled.

Bled was really astonishing my friends took me there, it was a real soul-refreshment, the lake, and the castle, I can’t really describe how amazing it was, and how amazing it felt.

The Educational system was great I attended a course with dr. Petra Kleindienst, and it was really helpful and so educational, I enjoyed attending her classes and debating about different cultural matters. And dr. Janja Mikulan’s classes were also great and amazing and I really didn’t want the lecture to end.

But most importantly Mrs. Jasmina Jakomin was amazing and so friendly she is the one who helped me through my first days in blending in with the people and with the different systems and regulations. I can’t really wait to revisit this astonishing country again and to meet these amazing people again and I would really recommend it to all my friends.

Amir Ayman, Gaza University student
Erasmus+ KA107