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5 months in Valencia that have changed my life – Matej Keka

After an exchange in Croatia, Matej Keka went on an Erasmus + internship in Valencia. Read his experience below.

When I have arrived in Valencia I was once again amazed by the beauty of the city and by the almost magical atmosphere by which this city is absorbing its visitors. It wasn’t my first time here in Valencia because I came already before. However, the place does not lose any of its magic since then.
Its Roman, Carthaginian, Muslim, Christian and Visigoth history is quite astonishing and I have to admit that not just Valencia but the whole region is something really special and unique in Spain. The interesting fact about Valencia is that from each of its important eras the city preserved some of its historical monuments. Thus, while discovering Valencia you will be walking on the same blocks of stone where Romans and Muslims were walking across many centuries ago.

Valencia can also offer more modern buildings and therefore you can see one of the biggest bull arenas or train stations called Estacion del Norte which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Spain and is covered with the symbols referring to Valencia and its history.
When I was traveling on the train out of Valencia. Every trip for me was like an exciting and new adventure and the reason for that is because the region of Valencia has so much to offer in terms of its cultural and natural heritage and I was amazed by every single thing that I saw on my trips and even today I am still amazed even though I see those things for the third or fourth time.

I was in Valencia on a 5-month internship. I did my internship T the University in the small town close to Valencia, called Moncada. It’s another beautiful part of the Valencian region with a small university campus and all of the important features of the Spanish lifestyle such as bars, restaurants, small shops, bakeries, etc.
During my internship, I was dealing with various tasks such as communication with the partners, research, organization of the conference, guided tour for the students, and many more. I enjoyed my internship and I am sure that I have learned a lot. However, as everything has its bad and good side during my internship I have learned more about the bureaucracy and difficulty in decision making that sometimes cost people to make wrong decisions. Overall I have to say that this internship taught me a lot.
My stay in Valencia was so inspiring and full of experience that I have decided to start my venture and from there came up the idea of the company called Valencia Travel Tour that is going to offer travel and tour services for the Eastern European region since there is no such an organization in the region of Valencia focused mainly on the Eastern European customers. Yeah, now you might be thinking what? But yes, even with the Erasmus+ exchange program is possible to get inspired to start your own company.

Does Valencia have its stake in making me inspired? Definitely! Why? Because there are not so many beautiful with its colors and peaceful places such as Valencia. Valencia with its mountains, sea, lakes, monuments, history fauna, flora, caves, oranges, paella, tapas, and many more things are in my opinion heaven on Earth. And no, I am not exaggerating! Barcelona is nothing compared to Valencia.
Trust me. I lived there for 5 months and had the opportunity to experience it by myself. Because Valencia is one of the few places that can offer you everything that you need. Beautiful monuments in the old town, parks with many hidden gems, futuristic Ciudad de las Artes with its biggest aquarium in Europe, one of the longest beaches in Spain, lake Albufera and its unrepeatable food experience called paella or many other things that you will have to discover by yourself.
Now regarding you, my dear colleague, who is reading this article! If you are still hesitating about going abroad on a study exchange or internship please don’t! If you are afraid that you will have to adapt to the new environment, you will have to be making new friends or that you will have to get used to the new way of life. Don’t be because it is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you. And the initial fear of the unknown? It will pass soon and apart from the cultural shock that you will
experience at the begging, you will be grateful for making this step to the unknown because it will be the most amazing time of your life. The other thing is also please try to understand the culture that you are part of even for a short period of time.

Don’t be a “just” member of the “Erasmus generation”. The reason why I am saying this is because I lived that way on each of my studies abroad and I know that this is the best way how you make the most out of your experience.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me on my personal email account and I hope that while reading this article you got inspired to pursue one of the abroad opportunities that FUDŠ offers to you.