Need help with your studies? Our school has well developed tutorship system, that will help you solve even the biggest obstacles and dilemmas and will help you find the answers to different questions regarding studies.

What even is Tutorship?

Tutoring is defined as a systematic provision of assistance to students in their studies and in their academic development. The purpose of the tutoring system at the School is:

  • to support the students during their studies,
  • increase the advancement of students to a higher year of study,
  • advise students on the optional part of their courses,
  • organize and provide assistance in the study of individual courses or in practical training,
  • encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

You can read more about the tutoring system at SASS in the Rule Book on the tutoring system.

Who is a part of a tutoring system?

1. Vice-dean, responsible for conducting tutoring –  Assoc. Prof. Petra Kleindienst, Ph.D.

2Tutoring coordinator – Andreja Slejko Rojc

3. Tutor teachers

Andreja Slejko Rojc

Tutoring coordinator
uni. dipl. pedag. Andreja Slejko Rojc

E-mail: andreja.rojc@fuds.si

I have been successfully coordinating the tutoring system for the third year. With the help of the tutoring system, I strive to make students feel good at the college and to solve various problems on the fly.

I stay in touch with the students from the first contact with the faculty, when I help them choose the right course, all the way to the successful completion of their studies and even after the completion of their studies through the Alumni Club.

If you would like my help, you can contact me via e-mail or on the telephone number 064 231 788. After prior agreement, we can also agree on an individual consultation.

Tutor teachers for academic year 2023/24

1st level

Rok Bratina, Assistant

Social Management (BSc) / Social Management (BA)

Peter Podhostnik

M.Sc. Peter Podhostnik

Media and Journalism (BA)

Jana Krivec, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Psychosocial Support (BA) 1st year/ Psychotherapeutic Propaedeutics

Edina Šifrar, Assistant Lecturer

Psychosocial Support (BA) 2nd and 3rd year

2nd and 3rd level

Janja Mikulan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Intercultural Management (MA)

Petra Kleindienst, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Strategic Communication (MA) / Media and Journalism (MA)

Emil Krajić,  Lecturer

Psychosocial Counselling (MA)

Simona Kukovič, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Sociology and Psychosocial Studies (PhD) / Strategic Communication and Management (PhD)

Student Tutors for academic year 2023/2024

Sara Rozmus

Student of I. Level Psychosocial Support (BA)
Tutor for Students with Special Needs 

E-mail: rozmus.bakotic@gmail.com

I am Sara Rozmus, born on April 13, 1990 in Ljubljana.

As a passionate film lover, I wanted to try myself as an actress, so my path after finishing elementary school was clear. I enrolled at the Drama and Theater High School in Nova Gorica, but despite the few plays we performed, my path in acting did not continue. I knew I wanted to work with people. Talk to them and listen to them. I decided to study at college and completed the Social Network Organizer program.

My desires were getting bigger, but I didn’t have the competences. That’s how I became a student of FUDŠ, majoring in Psychosocial Support, where I found myself in. My desires are fulfilled here, and knowledge is upgraded.

In my free time I like to go to nature, to water and trees, in the warmer months I am drawn to the mountains. I like to hang out with people, with whom we can have deeper conversations, and my wish in life is to be able to drive around the world in my car.

I am also the mother of my sons, and they also represent a great happiness for me, but at the same time a great challenge.

As a tutor for students with special needs, my mission continues to help people who need motivation, a warm word and encouragement. Everything is possible, together we are stronger.

Metka_Ves_tutorka FUDŠ

Student of I. Level Psychosocial Support (BA)
Tutor for the Psychosocial Support Program (BA) 

E-mail: metkaves@gmail.com

My name is Metka Ves, student of Psychosocial Support (BA). As a high school student, I worked in an institution for people with special needs. With the acquired competencies, I ventured into the path of a personal assistant and after completing high school found employment as a companion to a child with autism. During the initial years of my studies, I worked as a caregiver in a nursing home. Currently, I am an independent Pilates and Fitness instructor, Nutritional advisor and Manual therapist.

I dedicate my studies to individuals with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and generally those striving to enhance their mental health, personal well-being, and coping abilities with everyday stress. I offer assistance and support in learning, for freshmen and sophomore students, to understand course materials, and manage other subject-related obligations as essays and research papers. In doing so, I am committed to foster your personal and spiritual growth.

Elisa Mujkić

Student of I. Level Social Management (BSc)
Tutor for the Social Management program (BA and BSc)  

E-mail: elisa.mujkic@fuds.si

The desire for acquiring knowledge, exploring new corners, gaining competencies and experiences, strengthening professional bonds, and last but not least, the wish to form new friendships is shared by the majority of employees at our Faculty. My name is Elisa, and I am a student in the Social Management program. Additionally, I am employed at the Faculty as a business secretary and technical support. Furthermore, I have been a proud member of a Cultural Association for over 30 years, where I actively serve as a secretary and a leader of art workshops.

Throughout my studies I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the entire learning process and everything this Faculty has to offer. I have decided to become a tutor because I have found joy in this role. Helping someone is very special to me.


Student of II. Level Media and Journalism (MA)
Tutor for the Media and Journalism program (BA) 

E-mail: basin.anja@gmail.com

I graduated from the Media and Journalism program at the Faculty of Media. I have always been interested in broader social phenomena. Thus, in my diploma thesis, I combined the interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during my studies and extended it to the field of marketing. After an internship at an advertising agency, I was, among other things, active in a non-governmental environmental organization and most recently got a job at the SASS, where I work as a professional associate of the Project office within the Infrastructure Program Media Literacy to this day. At the same time, I am pursuing a Master’s degree. I see challenges we face as an opportunity for learning and growth. If you shall need help with that, feel free to reach out.


Student of II. Level Media and Journalism (MA) 
Tutor for the Media and Journalism program (MA)  

E-mail: lucija@lucijasiftar.si 

I am Lucija Šiftar, I was born in 1981 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. I studied at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in the program Cinematography and at the Academy for multimedia (IAM). I am enrolled in the Master’s degree study programme Media and journalism.

Since 2016, I am self-employed in the field of culture as a cinematographer and educator. I also create in the field of video, literature, dance and visual.                                                

Besides my creative work, I am also interested in reaserch.

I decided to do tutoring because I want to make the most of my time as a student to meet and connect and get to know other students in a business/professional/creative way, to gain new experiences and last, but not least, for one extremely egoistic reason: because it makes me feel good to help out.

If you need help with your Master’s degree in Media and Journalism, do not hesitate to contact me.

Nina Baša

Student of II. Level Psychosocial Counselling (MA)
Tutor for the Psychosocial Counselling program (MA)  

E-mail: nina@nadeja.si

I am a second-year Psychosocial Counselling student. I am 43 years old and I have four girls at home, two teenagers and two just starting the educational school system, and of course a husband. My big support. Last year, I was a member of the Student Council and got to know the Faculty through this perspective, and this year I also decided to tutor for the first time. As a specialist in systemic psychotherapy, I have been working as a psychotherapist for 10 years and am in daily contact with adolescents and adults. I decided for this profession at the age of 30, when, after my second maternity leave, I finally listened to myself and asked myself what I wanted in my life and what I would like to leave behind. My original education was in Economics, which I never found myself in. FUDŠ/SASS also became my Faculty, the third in a row. Each of them gives me something of their own and something that I can take for myself, especially knowledge. This time, however, it has grown close to my heart, and that is why I really like to participate and help, as much as I can.

I invite students to cooperate with me, to ask questions and sometimes to complain, when things are difficult, when it may be tiring …

Boštjan Žabar

Student of III. Level Sociology (PhD)
Tutor for the Intercultural Management program (MA) 

E-mail: bostjan.zabar@gmail.com

I am a 3rd-year student in the Sociology doctoral program. I had the opportunity to study at FUDŠ as an undergraduate student in the Applied Social Studies program. Now, a similar program is being implemented under the name Social Management. After completing my undergraduate studies, I continued and completed my studies in the Master’s program in Intercultural Management. I have been tutoring for five consecutive years. I like to help other students because I think that sometimes students can learn a lot from each other; not only from understanding theories but also from getting to know real and practical experiences.


Student of III. Level Sociology (PhD)
Tutor for the Sociology and Psychosocial Studies (PhD) and for the Strategic Communication and Management (PhD)  

E-mail: peter.ferfoglia@gmail.com

Always passionate about the world of education, I am currently in final year of PhD program in Sociology. I am a member of the Student Council and serve as a professional advisor – assistant for various courses at our Faculty. I have decided to take on the role of a tutor, because I believe that doctoral students can benefit from mutual support. I would gladly share my experience with you and assist you on your academic journey. Dear colleagues, although self-initiative and autonomous work are crucial in doctoral studies, I am here for you as a friend. Feel free to contact me!