Need help with your studies? Our school has well developed tutorship system, that will help you solve even the biggest obstacles and dilemmas and will help you find the answers to different questions regarding studies.

What even is Tutorship?

Tutoring is defined as a systematic provision of assistance to students in their studies and in their academic development. The purpose of the tutoring system at the School is:

  • to support the students during their studies,
  • increase the advancement of students to a higher year of study,
  • advise students on the optional part of their courses,
  • organize and provide assistance in the study of individual courses or in practical training,
  • encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

You can read more about the tutoring system at SASS in the Rule Book on the tutoring system.

Who is a part of a tutoring system?

1. Vice-dean, responsible for conducting tutoring –  Assoc. Prof. Petra Kleindienst, Ph.D.

2Tutoring coordinator – Andreja Slejko Rojc

3. Tutor teachers

Andreja Slejko Rojc

Tutoring coordinator
uni. dipl. pedag. Andreja Slejko Rojc

E-mail: andreja.rojc@fuds.si

I have been successfully coordinating the tutoring system for the third year. With the help of the tutoring system, I strive to make students feel good at the college and to solve various problems on the fly.

I stay in touch with the students from the first contact with the faculty, when I help them choose the right course, all the way to the successful completion of their studies and even after the completion of their studies through the Alumni Club.

If you would like my help, you can contact me via e-mail or on the telephone number 064 231 788. After prior agreement, we can also agree on an individual consultation.

Tutor teachers

1st level

Asist. Rok Bratina

Social Management (BSC) / Advanced Social Studies (BSC) / Social Management (BA)

Assist. Prof. Petra Kleindienst, Ph.D.

Media and Journalism (BA)

Assist. Prof. Jana Krivec, Ph.D.

Psychosocial Support / Psychotherapeutic Propaedeutics

2nd and 3rd level

Assist. Prof. Janja Mikulan, Ph.D.

Intercultural Management

Full. Prof. Mateja Rek, Ph.D
Strategic Communication / Media and Journalism
Assist. Emil Karajić
Psychosocial Counselling
Assoc. Prof. Tea Golob, Ph.D.
Sociology and Psychosocial Studies / Strategic Communication and Management

Students Tutors

Metka Ves
Student of Psychosocial Support (BA)
metkaves@gmail.com Tutor for Psychosocial Support (BA) – 1st year
Tina Tešanović
Student of Psychosocial Support (BA)
tina.tesanovic@gmail.com Tutor for Psychosocial Support (BA) – 2nd and 3rd year
Kaja Koražija
Student of Psychosocial Support (BA)
kaja.kaicha@gmail.comTutor for Erasmus students
Rebeka Levpušček
Student of Social Management (BA)
rebeka.levpuscek@gmail.com Tutor for Social Management ( BA)
Elma Okanović
Student of Intercultural Management (MA)
elma1okanovic@gmail.comTutor for Intercultural management (MA)
Lucija Šiftar
Student of Media and Journalism (MA)
lucija@lucijasiftar.siTutor for Media and Journalism (MA)
Anja Bašin
Student of Media and Journalism (MA)
basin.anja@gmail.com Tutor for Media and Journalism (BA)
Anja Petrović
Student of Strategic Communication (Ph.D.)
anja.glavas.t@gmail.comTutor for foreign students
Boštjan Žabar
Student of Sociology (Ph.D.)
bostjan.zabar@gmail.comTutor for Social Management (BSc)
Peter Ferfoglia
Student of Sociology (Ph.D.)
peter.ferfoglia@gmail.comTutor for Social Management ( BA)