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Barbara Kobal Tomc, M.Sc

Senior Lecturer

Barbara Kobal Tomc_2020

Cooperation:  Lecturer

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E-mail: barbara.kobal@guest.arnes.si

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Research field: social policy, social protection, family policy, disabilty studies and long-term care

Lecturer at subjects: 
1st-cycle undergraduate study – Sociology of social policy, Professional Practice in the field of social management

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Curriculum Vitae:

Barbara Kobal Tomc, M.Sc., is a researcher and lecturer in the fields of social policy, social protection, family policy, disability studies, and long-term care. After graduating from sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Ljubljana University, her first employment was at the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. She is at the present head of this Institute. As for her research affinities, she cooperates with numerous domestic and foreign professional, applicative and educational organizations. An extensive bibliography is a good indicator of her research activity. She has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Applicative Social Studies in Nova Gorica, where she heads two subjects, Sociology of social policy and Professional Practice in the field of social management. Her research and lecturing occupations are related to her engagement in society at large as well as with various professional groups. She has been a member of the Professional Council for Social Protection at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, as well as a member of the Council for Persons with Disabilities of the Republic of Slovenia. As a professional, she cooperates with various working groups for the instatement and reform of legislature and for the creation of strategic documents in the fields of social, family, disability protection, and long term care. In 2018, she became vice president of the Social Chamber of Slovenia.