Slovenian Social Science Conference (SSSC)

The Slovenian Social Science Conference is a conference with international participation, organized by SASS since 2009. Every year the event attracts distinguished international and domestic guests, internationally renowned social scientists and many young researchers at the beginning of their careers. The share of foreign guests is increasing from year to year. Quality papers after the conference are published in scientific monographs as independent chapters or in thematic issues of international scientific journals.

SSSC konferenca

SSSC conference through time

2020 – Observing Social Transformations: European Democracy and Development

2019 – Observing social transformations: National and Transnational perspectives

2018 Social transformations we live in: Between Cohesion and Fragmentation

2017 – Social Transformations: Global and Local

2016 – Contemporary social transformations: Reflecting inter-cultural encounters

2015 – After the Berlin Wall: 25 years of transformations

2014 – The Challenges of Social Transformations

2013 –  End of the Crisis?

2012 –  Rethinking democratization

2011 – Social responsibility in 21st century.

2010 – Contemporary world between freedom and security

2009 -Economic, political and social position and the role of the European Union and its members in times of global instability