Recognition of examinations

According to the Rules on the Examination and Assessment of Knowledge at SASS, a student who has previously studied in another study program of the same or higher level at a higher education institution in the Republic of Slovenia or abroad may apply for recognition of examinations before or during studies at the faculty ask for the recognition of examinations which are equivalent in content and scope to the examinations which he has already passed.

Recognition of obligatory subject

The student may have recognized knowledge that corresponds in content to the learning contents of the subjects in the enrolled study program, acquired in various forms of education. The recognition of knowledge and skills acquired before enrollment is decided by the subject holder. The examination may be recognized in full, in part, or not:

  • The exam can be recognized in full when the subject has at least 2/3 of the comparable content of lectures, and at least 2/3 of the scope of pedagogical hours of a comparable subject of the faculty. The exam, which is fully recognized, must have the same or a higher number of ECTS.
  • If the candidate has passed the exam in a subject with comparable content, a sufficient number of hours, but does not meet the ECTS requirement, he / she will be partially admitted to the exam, and a seminar paper may be agreed with the course holder as a supplement to the ECT.

Recognition of an elective course

The candidate may apply for recognition of the examination of a subject that is not taught at the faculty but can be recognized as an elective subject. The recognition of this is decided by the Commission for Study and Student Affairs on the basis of the content and scope of the course. The recognized exam must be evaluated with the same or greater number of ECTS as an elective subject of the faculty.

Index entry degree

Recognized exams taken by the candidate before enrollment in the faculty are entered in the index as “recognized”. The examination, which has been partially recognized and for which the candidate had to pass an additional obligation (determined by the subject holder), is evaluated with a grade.


  • request of Application for recognition of a obligatorysubject or Application for recognition of an optional subject in the existing form published in Moodle under STUDY FORMS
  • the form needs to be enclosed with a confirmed curriculum of the completed course and a certificate of the completed course (obtained at the previous faculty)
  • in case of recognition of an obligatory subject, the form is submitted scanned to the subject holder via e-mail. After receiving the response, the student forwards the documentation to
  • in the case of recognition of an elective course, the form is submitted to Moodle under the online classroom Commission for Study and Student Affairs
  • the application can be submitted only after the registration