Psychosocial Counseling

“Psychosocial support, for ourselves as well!” from 1. 2. 2024 onwards.

At the Faculty of Applied Social Studies (FUDŠ) Psychosocial Counseling Center, we are here to help all students and employees who are facing various challenges in the field of:

  • mental health,
  • interpersonal relationship,
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • deperssion,
  • burnout and
  • other similar issues.

Our counseling center is intended for individuals who desire to successfully overcome their problems and ensure recieveing quality and professional psychosocial first aid.

Portret Petra Zajc
Petra Zajc

Where to get first psychological aid?

Who? The provider of psychosocial counseling for the Faculty of Applied Social Studies is Petra Zajc, Master of Psychosocial Assistance and final year specialist in transactional-analytic psychotherapy.

The psychosocial counseling session lasts 50 minutes. In the case of a waiting period, each student or employee is entitled to a maximum of 3 consecutive visits. The waiting period depends on the number of applicants.

Where? The individual counseling takes place at Parmovi Street 14 in Ljubljana. There is a paid parking lot in front of the building. In the immediate vicinity are the bus stations Bavarski dvor and Razstavišče, as well as the main train and bus station of Ljubljana. The consulting room is located on the first floor of the building. By prior agreement, counseling can also be carried out online or at our dislocated unit in Ljubljana.

When? The visit date is subject to prior arrangement with the service provider. Counseling for students and employees of FUDŠ is held on Wednesdays in the morning or afternoon, by agreement it can also be held on another day of the week.

How to apply for Psychosocial counceling? For subsidized psychosocial counseling, register with the provider via e-mail at Upon registration, a FUDŠ student must submit a proof of enrollment via email. Please indicate in the introductory message whether you also consider morning appointments.

Fee? Students/employees pay €10.00 for an hour of counseling, the remaining amount is financed by the faculty. In the case of a waiting list, each employee is entitled to a maximum of 3 consecutive visits per year.

Cancellation: Counseling cancellation must be made by students at least 48 hours before the appointment. In case of untimely cancellation, s/he must pay the full fee of the consultation, which amounts to €50.00. Upon submission of a medical certificate showing that the student was unable to attend counseling due to medical reasons, s/he does not need to pay for the counseling.

Where can I get help in case my situation has became too overwhelming?

If your situation becomes severe, contact emergency medical assistance at 112.

Emergency contacts:

  • Ljubljana: Crisis Intervention Unit: st. Grablovičeva 44a, phone number: 01 5874 922
  • Nova Gorica: Center for Adult Mental Health (st. Gradnikove brigade 7, phone number: 05 33 83 318 or 05 33 83 269).

Other forms of support:

  • Mental health centers: Link
  • Society for Behavioral-Cognitive Psychotherapy (list of accredited psychotherapists): Link
  • POSVET Center for psychological counseling: Link

Additional information:


Phone: 064 231 788 (Andreja Slejko Rojc)