YHELD - Yemeniti Higher Education Leading to Development of relint offices

Title of the project: YHELD – Yemeniti Higher Education Leading to Development of relint offices
Project manager: dr. Raffaele Longo, Link Campus University
Project manager at SASS: Peter Podhostnik MsC
Tender: Erasmus+ Call for Proposal – ERASMUS EDU 2023 Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education
Funder: Erasmus+, European Commission
Project duration: 2023 – 2025
Project start: 1.12.2023
Project end: 30.11.2025

Project web site: https://www.yheld.net/


  • Link Campus University (Italija)
  • Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije v Novi Gorici (Slovenija)
  • Unione delle Università del Mediterraneo (Italija)
  • Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (Nemčija)
  • Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Nemčija)
  • University of Abyan (Jemen)
  • Al-Adel University (Jemen)
  • Universeity of Aden (Jemen)
  • Hadhramout University (Jemen)
  • University of  Lahej (Jemen)
  • Seiyun University (Jemen)
  • University of Shabwa (Jemen)
  • Taiz University (Jemen)

Project description:

The project responds to an urgent and concrete request formulated by Yemeni Universities to support them in overcoming some of the difficulties and the isolation problems created by the recent and current history of the PC. The higher education is one of the sectors that sustained serious destruction and is not considered as priority due to the humaniatarian emergency. In addition, the security issue as well as the lack of qualified employment opportunities have discouraged students to participate in the academic life.

The specific objective of the project is to enhance Yemeni HEIs capacities and abilities to work at international level, through the establishment of IROs – International Relation Offices and the definition of internationalization strategies in the partner Yemeni universities. IROs will be academic window on international scenario, a strategic “tool” to involve local educational community in international innovative initiatives, giving visibility, supporting, and monitoring the Universities’ initiatives also assuring good quality standards.

Project main aim:

The goal of the Yemeni Higher Education Leading to Development of relint offices project (YHELD) is to contribute to reduce the internationalization isolation of Yemeni HEIs, promoting their role in the educational, cultural and economic actions for the reconstruction of the country.


In order to achieve our objectives, we will use a multidisciplinary methodology that will allows us to approach the challenge from different perspectives: – Develop new innovative and multidisciplinary abilities to improve HEIs abilities and capabilities; – Design a coordinate internationalization strategy for each participating HEI to make effective resources, activities and capacities; – Create national and international network. The project will last 24 months and it has been designed to balance the collaboration of all partners and the clear responsibility in the management of every single task. The consortium is composed by 8 Yemeni Universities, with a current small operational capacity, 4 EU HEIs, representatives of three European countries, and 1 EU Association of Universities.

Project news:

Last week, January 18, 2024, we attended the kick-off of the project entitled: YHELD – Yemeni Higher Education Leading to Development of relint offices. The kick-off took place online.

The SASS project team and project partners discussed organizational aspects of the project (schedule, financing…), contents of individual work packages, challenges posed by the situation in Yemen for the successful implementation of the project’s objectives.

Together with our partners, we will strengthen the capacities and abilities of Yemeni higher education institutions to work at the international level by establishing IROs – International Relations Offices. IROs will be an academic window to the international world, a strategic “tool” for the inclusion of the local educational community in international innovative initiatives, which will ensure visibility, support and monitor university initiatives, and ensure good quality standards.

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