Lecturers and Assistants

Dr. Mateja Rek

Full Professor

Portret Mateja Rek

Cooperation:  Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: mateja.rek@fuds.si

Research field: communication science, sociology

Lecturer at subjects:
1st level – Organizational communication, Organizational communication, Media and communication, Media and communication, Media culture
2nd level – Communicating in an intercultural environment, Modern theories of media and communication, Communication processes

Additional links: http://pismenost.si/

Curriculum Vitae:

Prof. dr. Mateja Rek works as a full professor at the Faculty of Information Studies and the Faculty of Advanced Social Studies. She is the head of the Infrastructure program – collection, management and archiving of data on media literacy in Slovenia (pismenost.si), which is financed by the Slovenian Research Agency. She is also head of the Jean Monnet Module – Media Literacy for Active Citizenship (meli-module.com), funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. She is researcher in Research program Socio-cultural and Organisational Aspects of Knowledge and Technology Transfer, P5-0342 (B), funded by Slovene Research Agency at IRSA Institute for developmental and strategic analysis. She is an External Expert for Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values program (CERV program) at European Commissions’ European Education and Culture Executive Agency. From 2009-2013 she was a Dean at Faculty of Media in Ljubljana and from 2016-2018 a Dean at School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica. Currently, she is especially active in researching and promoting the importance of media literacy and the need for media education in Slovenia and EU. She published several highly ranked scientific works on in the field of the media literacy and education, media construction of reality, strategic communication, intercultural communication, social change and development, active citizenship and civil society in the EU.