Lecturers and Assistants

Dr. Primož Rakovec

Assistant Professor


Cooperation:  Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: [email protected]


Research field: Internal dialogue, the influence of internal dialogue on behavior and emotion. Perceiving, accepting, and changing internal dialogue.

Lecturer at subjects:
1st-cycle undergraduate study – Introduction in Psychosocial Support (tutorial), Knowledge and Treatment Skills 1 (tutorial), Psychoterapeutic Approaches.
2nd-cycle master’s study – Theoretical Foundations of Cognitive Behavioral Approach, Fundamentals of Psychosocial Counselling, Modalities of Cognitive Behavioral Approach, Structure and Procedures of Counselling Process, Training of Psychosocial Counselling, Methods of Cognitive Behavioral Approach in Psychosocial Counselling, Practicum: Psychosocial Counselling With Intervision and Supervision.

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Curriculum Vitae:

Primož Rakovec is an assistant professor. He graduated in the field of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana . He completed his master’s degree in psychosocial counseling at the School for Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica, where he also received his Ph.D. He is a certified NLP coach, CB and REB therapist. He has his own coaching and counselling practice and runnning ‘soft-skills’ workshops. He is a founding member of the Slovenian Association for Psychotherapy and Counseling. As a volunteer, he also offers psychosocial support and education within the Red Cross of Slovenia, OE Kranj.