Media Literacy Infrastructure Program 2022 - 2027

Project managers: 

red. prof. dr. Mateja Rek

Portret Mateja Rek

Financier of the project: 

Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency     

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Code: I0-0045
Project title: Infrastructure program Media literacy

Project duration: 72 months
Start of project: 1 January 2022
End of project: 31 December 2027

Brief project description:

The Media Literacy infrastructure program started collecting, managing, and archiving data on media literacy in January 2013. In line with practice in other developed countries, the work primarily focuses on monitoring the state and trends of media education and habits in Slovenia, with the research infrastructure including data on to the entire population and at the same time pays special attention to specific vulnerable groups (preschool and elementary school children, high school students, seniors 65+, deaf and hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired, people with mental health challenges). We also accumulate databases of secondary data and keep records of selected projects, initiatives and organizations that work in the field of media literacy at the national and European level. All this data, together with statistical processing, is published on a web portal specially created for this purpose, which is publicly accessible, transparent, and user-friendly both in terms of content and functionality. With this, we stimulate the methodological knowledge transfer and offer support to research activities and professions that work on home soil in areas related to the studied phenomenon. Repeated survey measurements enable us to comparatively position the state of media literacy and its individual dimensions with the European and global space. For the academic community and policy makers, these social science data are a useful basis for providing high-quality further analyzes and directing social systems in the field of media habits, education and literacy of the population and specific vulnerable groups. Finally, we strive to popularize science and connect with other actors working within the framework of this selected topic.

Contact address:

The infrastructure program Media literacy is financed by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency (ARIS) as an infrastructure program. The funds were provided by ARIS under contract no. 1000-16-2916.