Lecturers and Assistants

Lecturer and Assistant Franci Kotnik, M.Sc.


Portret Franci Kotnik

Cooperation: Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: franci.kotnik@gmail.com

Research field: organization, economy, communication, management, human resources

Lecturer at subjects:
1st Level – Financial Resource Management, Financial Management
2nd Level – Media and Communication

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Curriculum Vitae:

In 2012, Franci Kotnik received his master’s degree at the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska on the topic Entrepreneurs’ lifestyles and burnout. He has many years of experience in managing organizations of various sizes, both in the economic and non-economic sectors. As the director of the Savinjska-Šaleška Chamber of Commerce, in the period 2007-2021, he headed the committee for the development of human resources in the Savinjska-šaleška region. In cooperation with HR managers, he participated in the consideration and formulation of changes to labor law legislation. In the period 1994-2022, he was the owner and director of a media production and communication company, and now he professionally deals with the development of soft skills among employees in organizations at Kotnik Consulting & Coaching.