Incoming Students

The international offices of partner institutions can nominate the students any time during the year by e-mail to

After the nomination is accepted the student must submit the application form until the set deadline. The application form with instructions for the application is sent by e-mail to all candidates. The application form shall be submitted by 15 June for the first semester and by 15 November for applications for the second semester.



The list of courses in the academic year 2022/2023

Important information and contact

Description of the institutional grading system

Slovenian local grade ECTS grade Mark range/Definition
10 excellent A 91–100% (Outstanding performance with only minor errors)
9 very good B 81–90% (Above the average standard but with some errors)
8 very good C 71–80% (Generally sound work with a number of notable errors)
7 good D 61–70% (Fair but with significant shortcomings)
6 sufficient E 51–60% (Performance meets the minimum criteria)
5 fail F less than 51% (Considerable further work is required)