Human Nature, Functioning and related Concepts from Psychosocial Perspective


The research program ( Human Nature, Functioning and related Concepts from Psychosocial Perspective) is focused on practical and research activities in the field of psychosocial help and  counselling. Research activities in the field of psychosocial help and preparation and implementation of prevention and education programs (e.g., stress prevention and management tools, burn-out, depression, society and wellbeing, community based services of mental health issues, social skills, communication skils, etc.). The program was funded in 2007 by the School of Advanced Social Studies. Experts from a variety of psychological and counselling fields work at the Institute. The long-term professional and scientific aim of the Institute is the establishment of national and international connections as well as research and project work. It refers to working with families, organizations and individuals in the field of mental health (prevention and treatment), psychosocial help and counselling.

Research program is employing and testing a variety of theoretical and conceptual approaches. Current main research focus is the broader concept of feeling of safety. According to many well-known scientists, such as Maslow, safety is one of the primal human needs. Safety is rapidly developing issue in Europe and worldwide. As such it is included in several European strategies and actions. However, feeling of safety is still poorly understood as it is very complex concept. It has a very important psychosocial aspect and relates to different populations such as migrants, employees and employers, different age populations, school, etc. The application of actions regarding the concept of safety are very broad, starting from demographic perspective, AI, religion, traffic, to name just a few.


The research program aim is to developed a variety of tools for data collection that researchers can employ in their own research. And to collect a significant amount of primary and secondary data which will be available on a special platform and thus available for advanced and PhD students in their own research. Our goal is also to establish a European and worldwide strategic partnership of experts from the field of safety and apply and work on different projects.

Head of the research Programme: Assist. prof. Jana Krivec



Tjaša Stepišnik Perdih, PhD

Primož Rakovec, PhD

Nevenka Podgornik, PhD

Sebastjan Kristovič, PhD

Melita Zelnik, PhD

Daša Cek Stepančič, MA