SASS ACADEMY: Media and Journalism in Practice

One-year non-formal education: Media and journalism in Practice.

Place of studies: Leskoškova 9e, Ljubljana

At an additional cost, the candidate has the opportunity to attend most of the lectures and practical exercises via Zoom (Study+ package).

Do you want to learn the secrets of successful communication and successful public relations? Do you want to become familiar with the trends of digital marketing and acquire practical skills to face the challenges of working in media and journalism?

Join us for a one-year non-formal education programme “Media and Journalism in Practice”, where you will gain numerous skills, practical guidance, and tips for working in media and journalism through lectures and practical exercises.

The education is intended for all who want to gain or perfect their skills in the field of media and journalism. The newly acquired knowledge will distinguish you and your abilities and open doors to new opportunities on your further career path.



Education is divided into two main content blocks.

The first content block covers acquiring knowledge and practical skills in the field of digital and information technologies that are important for work in media and journalism. In this content block, you will listen to the following topics:

  1. Media Technology and Information Science
  2. Photography and Computer Graphics
  3. Media and Computer Practicum

The second content block covers acquiring knowledge and practical skills in the field of communication and public relations. You will also learn about the profession and methods of journalistic work. In this content block, you will listen to the following topics:

  1. Media and Communication
  2. Journalism Practicum
  3. Public Relations
  4. Digital Marketing

The education includes lectures and practical exercises as well as knowledge tests.


Everyone can apply for non-formal education. Special prior knowledge is not a requirement, the key is interest in the content area and motivation to acquire knowledge and practical skills.


October 2024 – June 2025; it takes place in the morning (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) and in the afternoon (4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.):

  1. Lectures and practical exercises for the first content module will take place from 1.10.2024-17.1.2025.

  2. Lectures and practical exercises for the second content module will take place from 10.2.2025-31.5.2025.

  3. Knowledge tests will be conducted in the form of written and oral exams, presentations, preparation of written and practical products, etc. Some providers of non-formal education often check knowledge on an ongoing basis. Certain knowledge tests are organized separately, specifically during designated exam periods:

  • 20.1.2025 – 7.2.2025
  • 2.6.2025 – 30.6.2025
  • 18.8.2025 – 12.9.2025

Knowledge tests require appropriate prior individual work by the participant in the education.

You will receive a detailed schedule after enrolling and paying for non-formal education.

You can obtain the list of subjects that require obligatory physical presence on the email address:



a) Fill out the citizen application, print it, and sign it.

b) Send the application to the faculty’s address:

Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije v Novi Gorici
Gregorčičeva ulica 19
5000 Nova Gorica

or scanned to the email address:

Based on the received documentation, the faculty will invite you to enroll. Upon invitation to enroll, you will receive a username and password to access the online platform. In the online student office, you must fill out and sign (with a mouse) the enrollment form and contract that will be automatically created for you. You will receive an invoice for tuition payment by email*.

*Tuition can be paid in a lump sum upon enrollment or in 5 installments as follows: upon enrollment, no later than November 30, no later than January 31, no later than March 31, and no later than May 31 of the current academic year. In case of payment in installments, an increased tuition fee of EUR 30.00 is charged with each installment to cover administrative costs of processing installment payments.


Upon successful completion of the one-year non-formal education programme, participants receive a certificate of completed non-formal education and a certificate of passing the exams.


Each subject is evaluated with credit points. When enrolling in the Media and Journalism (BA) study programme or other study programmes* offered by the School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS), the faculty offers the possibility of (part-time or full-time) recognition of informally acquired knowledge that the candidate previously obtained through informal education in “Media and Journalism in Practice”, provided that the candidate successfully passes knowledge tests and meets obligations. To do so, the candidate must submit a request for recognition of informally acquired knowledge, which is decided by the competent authorities of the faculty.

Candidates who successfully complete the informal education in “Media and Journalism in Practice”, provided that they successfully pass knowledge tests and meet obligations, can enroll in the Media and Journalism (Master’s) and Strategic Communication (Master’s) study programmes without taking differential exams.

*To enroll in the relevant formal study programme, the candidate must meet the admission requirements specified in the Call for Enrollment. Calls for Enrollment for all SASS study programmes are published on the faculty’s website.


Price of one-year non-formal education: 2,490 EUR

  • One-year non-formal education will be carried out if there are sufficient enrolled candidates.


By purchasing the STUDY+ package, in addition to the friendly staff at the faculty who are always ready to support you in your studies, you will receive the following benefits or services that will be of great help to you: the possibility of direct participation in most lectures and tutorials via ICT resources (Zoom); the possibility of viewing recordings of most lectures and tutorials throughout the year; the possibility of taking exams via ICT tools (Zoom or Moodle online classroom). The package costs 399eur* (*per academic year) and is ordered and paid in a one-time amount upon enrollment or at any time during the year.

You can obtain the list of subjects that require obligatory physical presence despite purchasing the Study+ package on the following email address: