EU as a Global Actor in Fragmented and Traumatized World (EU-GlobalAct)

Title of the project: EU as a Global Actor in Fragmented and Traumatized World (EU-GlobalAct)
Project manager at FUDŠ: Assist. prof. dr. Janja Mikulan
Action: Erasmus Jean Monnet Actions 2023 in the field of Higer Education Teaching and Research

Project duration: 36 months
Project start: September 2023
Project end: September 2026

Web site of the project: here

Project description:

The EU-GlobalAct represents an innovative teaching programme aimed at integrating comprehensive knowledge regarding the European Union’s (EU) role as a significant global entity in a fractured and traumatized global context. This initiative emphasizes the advancement of research excellence while fostering co-creative dialogue between the academic community and pertinent external stakeholders. The project will engage different target groups: students, academic staff, hosting institution, policy makers, civil society representatives, scientific community, and general public.

Particular focus will be accorded to the EU’s strategies in addressing radicalization, fortifying community resilience, and opposing autocratization. Primary objectives encompass the development of contemporary instructional resources and digital learning mechanisms (e.g., virtual learning environments), the utilization of open educational assets, promoting scholarly investigations into the EU’s external and defence policies, integrating trauma-aware considerations, bolstering high-caliber scientific research, orchestrating diverse event formats, and the effective communication, distribution, and application of program outcomes.

Project main aim:

An overall objective of the EU-GlobalAct is to deliver knowledge, competencies, values, and skills that are necessary to transform the world into a more sustainable, just, and resilient place, and strengthen the role of the EU as a global actor through a) transformative global citizenship education, b) multidisciplinary (political science, sociology, psychology), and trauma informed approach and c) high quality and inclusive teaching and learning tools and technologies.

Results / Activities:

  • Establishment of the EU-GlobalAct Hub (website);
  • Teaching activities: Module will integrate three courses that are being carried out at SASS: MA course Global Security: elective course in the curriculum of Intercultural Management Study Programme; MA course Challenges of Globalization: compulsory course in the curriculum of Intercultural Management Study Programme and elective course for students of Media and Journalism; BA compulsory course Participation and Help in the Community which is carried out on two study programmes: Social Management and Psychosocial Support;
  • Compilations of students’ research and master theses;
  • Scientific article;
  • Eleven events (panels, thematic sessions, workshops, final event) with academics, students, policy makers and civil society representatives; two events geared and adapted to public about the results of the activities;
  • Posts and newsletters about project activities;
  • Policy brief related with radicalisation, trauma, and community resilience.