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dr. Luka Martin Tomažič

Luka Martin Tomažič

Lecturer at subjects: In academic year  2018/19 lecturing at subjects “Pravo socialne varnosti”.

Cooperation:  Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail:  [email protected]

Research field:

Main areas of research are legal argumentation, theory and philosophy of law, public international law, international business law, energy law and international political economy and theory. Presently he is actively immersed in researching the possibility of an interpretive turn to Finnis’ theory of natural law, with the intention of concurrent pursuit of both truth and toleration, within a pluralistic society.

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Curriculum Vitae:

Luka Martin Tomažič has obtained a doctorate in juridical science (European faculty of Law), an  university diploma in law – LL.M. equivalent (University of Maribor), a masters in economic and business sciences at an MBA programme (University of Maribor), a graduate diploma in international relations (University of London with London School of Economics and Political Science as the lead college) and an advanced diploma in local history (University of Oxford). At the University of London (Queen Mary and UCL), he is receiving additional education as a LL.M. candidate in the field of Law. He has completed the Slovenian State Legal Exam and is an alumni of the prestigious International Law Seminar in Geneva.

He is employed as the primary in-house lawyer of one of the leading Slovenian companies in the energy sector, and has previously gained valuable experience in a law firm, public notary’s office, court system and at an Embassy. He assisted a member and former chairman of the UN International Law Commission with research and was an associate of the Environmental Law Institute in Washington. He is habilitated as a teaching and research assistant in the field of legal theory and philosophy and as a lecturer of business law. He is the author of many academic and non-academic articles and regularly participates at conferences at home and abroad.