Completion of Studies WITHOUT A DIPLOMA

Students enrolled in the updated study programs Social Management (BA), Social Management (BSc), Media and Journalism (BA), and Psychosocial Support (BA) no longer write a thesis in order to complete their studies. The studies are considered complete when all grades are recorded in the index, or when the student receives their last grade. On this day, the student is also considered to have graduated.

The Student Office will prepare a temporary certificate of graduation and send it via email approximately 3-4 days after the completion of studies. The student will be notified that they have successfully graduated from SASS.

Once the student successfully completes their studies, they will be deregistered from the higher education information system, ensuring that the data on the completion of studies is also transferred to the national eVŠ application. After deregistration, the student no longer has access to Moodle and the online web office. If the student needs certain documents or certificates, they should contact