How do I become a member of the library?

Anyone who presents a valid identity document, signs an accession statement and agrees to comply with the library’s rules can become a library member.
Full-time and part-time students of the School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica and of the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto do not have to pay the membership fee, because it is included in the price of enrolment for the current academic year. Other users pay a membership fee for the calendar year in accordance with the applicable price list.

Legal persons can also become a member of the library.
SASS and FIS students must present their student identity card in order to use the library services. Other users can borrow the material by presenting an identity document.

Library membership needs to be renewed every year. A change in address needs to be notified to the library. The prices of library registration fee, late fees, reminders and other library services are determined in the price list.



Only registered library members can borrow the material for home use. Users cannot borrow material for someone else or under a different name. Foreign citizens who do not have a permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia may borrow the material for home use on the basis of a guarantee of a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia. Users are not allowed to take the material out of the library without registering the borrowing with the library staff.

Borrowing period and extension of the borrowing period




Books and other materials (electronic materials)

21 working days

1 x 21 working days, if the material is not reserved for other users, and if their borrowing period has not yet expired.

Mandatory study literature

7 working days

Cannot be extended

Reference material or material intended for the use in the library only

Can only be borrowed for a certain time (for one hour, day, no more) with a special permission of the head of the library)

Cannot be extended

Periodicals, electronic material

7 working days

Cannot be extended

Borrowing: up to 5 units at once. More is possible if permitted by the head of the library.

The extension of the borrowing period is possible in person, by phone, by computer catalogue or by e-mail.

If a member does not return the material in due time, they must pay a late fee according to the applicable price list.


Lost or damaged material

Users must replace damaged or lost material with the same or appropriate replacement material and also pay the costs of processing according to the applicable price list. If the material cannot be replaced, the users must pay compensation costs for the processing of material according to the applicable price list.