Lecturers and Assistants

Dr. Martina Ozbič

Assistant Professor

Martina Ozbič_2020

Cooperation:  Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: [email protected]

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Research field: therapy, pedagogy for hard of hearing and deaf people, multilingualism, phonology, specific learning difficulties, language development, speech and language impairment)

Lecturer at subjects:
1st-cycle undergraduate study: Rehabilitation, Special and Social Pedagogy

Additional links: https://logos-martinaozbic.eu and https://www.sicris.si/public/jqm/search_basic.aspx?lang=slv&opdescr=search&opt=2&subopt=1&code1=cmn&code2=auto&search_term=martina%20ozbič

Curriculum vitae:

BA in 1995 in Special pedagogy, in 1997 in Speech and language therapy, in 2000 Master degree in Special pedagogy, and in 2007 Ph.D. in special education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana. I was employed at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana (1997-2017), I collaborated with the University of Trieste (2107-)and IRCCS La Nostra Famiglia (2018-2019), form 2017 I have my own private practice in Sežana.