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Assist. Prof. Andrej Omulec Ph.D.


Portret Andrej Omulec

Cooperation:  Lecturer

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: andrej.omulec@fuds.si

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Research field: organization, management, economy, tourism

Lecturer at subjects:

1st level – Mental Health and Personal Growth, Tuition 2, Experimental Psychology, Introduction to psychosocial help, Mental Health and Personal Growth

2nd level – Trening of Psychosocial Counselling

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Curriculum Vitae:

Andrej Omulec works as a lecturer and assistant at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies (FUDS) in Nova Gorica. After his basic education, he has a bachelor’s degree in theology. He completed his studies in 2009 and then continued it at the master’s program in Marital and Family studies, which he complited in 2012. At the Faculty of Theology in Ljubljana, he also complited advanced study programs in Marital and Family Therapy (2013) and Charity Work (2018). He complited training of supervisons at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna – Ljubljana branch. In 2023, he recived his doctorate in the field of Marital and Family Therapy, and also obtained a license as a Marital and Family Therapist at ZDT and a supervisor in social care and at ZDT.
Until 2012, he has profesionally engaged in cycling, where he also achived more visable results at the international level. After compliting his sports career, he devoted himselfs to areas related to his studies, he mainly worked in the field of humanitarianism. He actively participated in more than forty vacations, camps and was one of the idea leaders of vacations for children from foster families. He was also the conceptual leadre of the inclusion of therapists and supervisors on vacations and camps, the TV show The relationship saves and the leader of the social inclusion program at Caritas. He worked as a volunteer in several humanitarian organisations at the same time, which is why he was nominated for volunteer of the year 2017. Currrently, he is present in the Council of the instituion, in the Public Institution House for Children. Until recently, he was employed in the Association of Friends of Youth, in Ljubljana Moste –Polje, where he was the head of the Will Always Find a Way program and the head of the therapy center. In 2022, the program won the first award in the field of social care, in his therapeutic practice, he has completed over 13.000 hours of direct work with children, individuals, cuples and families. He has obtained a license as a supervisor in the field of Social Seci+urity and ZDT. So far, he has complited over 1.000 supervisors hours, He is a co-author of the book Set up a mirror for me and regulary writes various articles on education, psyhosocial development and relationships.