Lecturers and Assistants

assist. lect. Petra Škabar


Portret Petra Skabar

Cooperation: Assistant

Contact hours: By agreement

E-mail: petra.skabar@fuds.si

Phone: /

Research field: Psychology, sociology, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, psychosocial counselling

Lecturer at subjects:
1st Level –  Theories and Models of Personality

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Curriculum Vitae:

A graduate in psychology, with a master’s degree in psychosocial support and a PhD student in psychosocial studies, I primarily engage in psychosocial counseling in my private practice as part of the “Confessions of Mental Health” project. As a psychosocial counselor, I also contributed to the “Psihodezinfekcija” project.

Additionally, I gained valuable experience in digital marketing, where I led the media planning and projects department for over four years. As a project manager and business developer, I planned, managed, and executed digital and non-digital marketing projects, supporting the company’s growth from the initial phase to becoming an established organization. I was responsible for managing key accounts, preparing and implementing marketing strategies across various platforms, and securing government and private tenders. Previously, as Head of PR and Marketing, I promoted educational programs, maintained media relations, represented the faculty at national events, and designed effective digital campaigns.

Today, I dedicate most of my time to lecturing at universities, high schools, summer schools, conferences, round tables, and other events.