AI4PPP – Artificial Intelligence for People, Plant and Profit


Project manager at SASS: dr. Victor Cepoi

Action: Erasmus+ KA220 HED, Cooperation partnership in higher education
Project duration: 36 months
Project start: 1.1.2022
Project end: 31.12.2024

Algebra University College (Visoko učilište Algebra), Hrvaška
SASS – School of Advanced Social Studies, Slovenia
Universidad de Alcala, Španija

Project description

AI4PPP is an interdisciplinary project designed to meet challenges of the modern educations system and challenging market needs, by providing an awareness-raising, holistic and flexible education in business aspects of AI. We expect that improved educational and training modules in AI together with guidelines, to be implemented and used by partner organizations and other relevant HEIs. This will help in adopting an AI-based mentality powered by piloting and simulating AI processes. By implementing scenarios of AI into selected industries, the project will elaborate guidelines for improvements in usage of AI methodologies and tools in business having backpropagation elements to be used in education and by doing so will popularize AI within a various and especially non-technical sector (i.e. social sciences and humanities).

Project main aim

The objective of AI4PPP is to provide to our target groups not only a basic understanding of AI, the language surrounding the technological and social aspects of AI, but also to show how it works and to show the potential of its future implementations in all professions and industries.


Partners will carry out a wide range of activities in order to implement a well-rounded, high value transferable educational and training programme in AI through (i) comprehensive DACUM analysis in order to proof trends and skills used and needed among relevant AI professionals; (ii) development of educational modules, (iii) adaptation and creation of teaching contents and materials according to established needs of the target groups,(iv) piloting the newly developed modules and materials, (v) implementing scenarios of AI application in selected industries, and (vi) finally make all preparations for AI educational program to be certified using micro-credentials approach/concept

Project news:

On 24th of March 2022 the Project Partners’ Meeting took place the. During the first meeting, the partners of consortium have discussed aspects of the Project Management and the preparation of the Gap Analysis – in order to understand the AI potential in each of the partner countries.