Adrion Master On Circular Economy And Bioeconomy (AMOCEAB)

Adrion Master On Circular Economy And Bioeconomy (AMOCEAB)

Project manager at FUDŠ: Prof. Dr. Borut Rončević

Action: INTERREG V-B Adriatic-Ionian ADRION Programme 2014-2020, European Regional Devlopemnt Fund, Instrument for Pre- Accession II Fund.

This project is supported by the Interreg ADRION Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund and IPA II Fund

Project duration: 9 months 

Project start: 1.1.2023

Project end: 30.9.2023

Partnership: 10 partners, 7 Universities

  1. Polytechnic University of Marche UNIVPM, ITALIA
  2. Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna UNIBO, ITALIA
  3. Special Research Funds Account of Technical University of Crete TUC (ELLADA)
  4. Agricultural University of Tirana UBT, ALBANIA
  5. University of Sarejevo UNSA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
  6. School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica FUDŠ/SASS, SLOVENIJA
  7. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology  FFTB UNIZG, HRVATSKA
  8. Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia FTM-UB, SERBIA
  9. Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina CEFBIH, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
  10. Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato CNA, ITALIA
  11. UniAdrion – Association of Universities of the Adriatic-Ionian area, ITALIA

Web site of the project:

Project description:

Starting from the need to foster the thematic link between Circular Economy and BioEconomy, both having for example, food waste, biomass and bio-based products areas of intervention, the project “Adrion Master On Circular Economy and BioEconomy (AMOCEAB)” aims to raise specific competences in these fields, through the establishment of a Transnational Network, an a Master’s Degree Programme in the ADRION Area. The project involve high research institutions and business support centres within the ADRION Area.

Project main aim:

AMOCEAB aims to increase specific skills through the establishment of a Transnational Network and the organization of a Master’s Degree Programme in the ADRION Area. This Master will enhance the skills of the students involved and will support business organizations to develop solutions and know-how focused on the green sustainability. Main topics:

  • Environmental engeneering
  • Biotechnology
  • Biodiversity
  • Circular Economy
  • Social impact
  • Sustainable business models
  • Digitalization


  1. Development of solutions and knowledge on Circular and Bio-Economy
  2. Development of a joint academic path to create new expertise on Circular and Bio-Economy
  3. Increase the capacity of universities & business support organisations to produce expertise in Circular and Bio-economy solutions
  4. Creation of a transnational network of universities & organizations active in the Circular and Bioeconomy fields

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