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Embrace the digital future with the SRC-EDIH project

On January 24th, a press conference was held at the Pretorian Palace in Koper, where speakers presented services and personal experiences offered by the European Digital Innovation Hub project SRC-EDIH for the purpose of digitizing the work of companies and public institutions. Companies and public institutions participating in the project will gain assessments of their current digital development, as well as knowledge and services for the use of digital technologies to enhance their business and production processes, products, or services in the future.

Over the next two years, the SRC-EDIH hub will support over 100 organizations and more than 1000 employees in acquiring digital knowledge and competencies in Slovenia. All participating organizations and institutions will have access to technical and professional knowledge, over 100 different training sessions, and access to 11 testing environments for testing advanced digital technologies before investing in them. Consultancy services for financing and access to the innovation ecosystem are also available. All project services are subsidized by 80-100%.

Professor Klavdija Kutnar, the Rector of the University of Primorska, highlighted the importance of the SRC-EDIH project for the University of Primorska and its integration into the broader social environment, as it represents one of the most important strategic projects of the current development period in her opening address.

Franci Bratkovič, the Director of the Development Center Novo mesto, which coordinates the SRC-EDIH project, emphasized the necessity of digitalization for the success and competitiveness of organizations in the future. As part of the digital transformation process, an assessment of the digital maturity of each organization will be prepared within the hub, followed by further steps in the process, which typically include acquiring digital competencies, testing technologies, and integration. Bratkovič expressed the expectation that stakeholder collaboration would continue even after the project’s conclusion in September 2025.

Andrej Erzetič, the Mayor’s Advisor for Digital Development at the Office for Digital Development and Operations at the Municipality of Koper, presented the vision of the digital development of the Municipality of Koper and experiences with using the digital maturity assessment tool of the SRC-EDIH project.

Marko Krnec, the Director of K2PACK d.o.o., which actively participates in the SRC-EDIH project, highlighted positive experiences with the project. Their company decided to participate to assess and compare digital maturity with other companies in Slovenia and Europe. Participation has already brought changes in internal organization and the employment of new personnel.