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SASS joins the Danube Transfer Center

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At the School of Applied Social Studies (SASS), we participated in the closing event that marked the conclusion of Slovenia’s presidency of the European Strategy for the Danube Region (12th EUSDR Forum). This significant occasion provided us with the opportunity to officially express our dedication to cooperation and contribution to the development of the Danube Region. Our institution proudly signed a membership statement for the Danube Transfer Centre network, representing a pivotal step in our commitment to promote sustainable development and regional connectivity in this important European region.

With this action, we reaffirmed our determination and commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovative thinking that will contribute to furthering the development of the Danube region. The Danube Transfer Centre network plays a crucial role in addressing the key challenges and opportunities in regional development, environmental sustainability, and economic growth in the Danube region.

FUDŠ is thus becoming a hub of knowledge for the social sciences within the Danube Transfer Centre network. Through this commitment, we have taken on an active role in co-creating a better future for the Danube region, which spans across fourteen European countries. Our membership statement signifies our commitment to participating in the formulation of policies and projects that will strengthen collaboration among countries in the region and contribute to enhancing the lives of its residents. Together with our partners in the Danube Transfer Centre network, we will build bridges across cultures, sectors, and expertise to unlock the potential of the Danube region and ensure its sustainable future.