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Introductory days 2023 – greeting to students and faculty employees at the beginning of the new academic year

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Greetings to the students in the new academic year 2023/24 and greetings to the FUDŠ academic assembly!

Dear students and everyone else!

We are pleased to welcome you to the School of Advanced Social Studies. The beginning of your study journey will be marked by a series of introductory days, which will allow you to prepare for a carefree start to your studies.

Attendance at these events is important and is recommended as part of your regular coursework.

The program on 2nd and 3rd October is intended for all FRESHMEN of all three levels. Doctoral students will have an additional introductory day on October 13th, 2023.

Most of the activities will take place online via Zoom. If you would also like to meet the faculty in person, the friendly staff of the faculty will welcome you at the Nova Gorica and Ljubljana locations. There, they will be happy to show you the faculty premises and allow you to view the presentations online. In order to do so, we kindly ask you to properly announce your physical attendance at the faculty no later than 2nd October 2023 by 10.00. Open the form for physical attendance by clicking on the button “Meet Us Live” .

All events will also be recorded and you will have the opportunity to view them in the Moodle online classroom.


17.00 – join us at

At the beginning of the new academic year, you will be greeted by the management of the faculty, the dean Prof. Borut Rončević, PhD, vice dean for studies and student affairs, Assoc. Prof. Petra Kleindienst, PhD and vice-dean for scientific research Assoc. Prof. Tamara Besednjak Valič, PhD.


At the interactive presentation, you will meet the faculty’s staff, who will also provide you with support in your studies during the year.

The presentation will take place in the following order:

17.30 Presentation of the Office for Study and Student Affairs

The Office for Study and Student Affairs is the basic unit of the faculty, which carries out many key tasks in support of students and ensures the smooth operation of study programs and administrative support.

Natali Vuk Birsa, head of theOffice for study and student affairs, will present the following key aspects:

  • Special features of schedules: She will explain the timetable system and point out any specifics that students must take into account when planning their study schedule.
  • Examination application procedure: She will explain in detail the application process for the exams, including the application deadlines, rules and obligations of students during the exams.
  • Faculty Legal Resources: She will present you with the faculty’s legal documents that regulate study processes, student rights and obligations, and academic rules.
  • Answering frequently asked questions: It will be available to answer the most frequently asked questions of students relating to study and student affairs.
18.00 Presentation of the Career Center

The faculty’s Career Center offers students comprehensive support before, during and after their studies. Andreja Slejko Rojc, head of the Career Center, will introduce you to the wide range of opportunities offered to students. These options include:

  • Different forms of assistance: tutoring system, coordinator for students with special needs, psychosocial counseling, mutual assistance, personal contact and help from lecturers and professional staff.
  • Support in finding career opportunities
  • Possibilities for study practice
  • Various extracurricular activities
18.30 Presentation of the Project Office

The Project Office at the faculty is a unit that deals with the planning, direction and implementation of various projects and programs. Jasmina Jakomin, M. Sc. will present you the possibilities of study exchanges within the Erasmus and CEEPUS program and offer you an insight into the ways in which students can participate in projects, thereby gaining invaluable work experience already during their studies.


10.00 – join us at

At this event, you will receive a warm welcome and plenty of useful information about studying at our faculty. The event will be led by Natali Vuk Birsa, head of the Office for study and student affairs, and Rebeka Levpusček, administrator of the Moodle system. Together, they will present everything that foreign students need to know about our study environment.


17.00 – join us at

At this event, members of the student council will share their experiences, activities and present you with how you can get involved in student life at the faculty. Do not miss this opportunity to get to know the student council and the possibility of participating in various activities and projects at the faculty.


Join us at

17.30 Presentation of the Moodle online environment and the above-standard Study+ package for students of Social Management (UN), Media and Journalism 1st and 2nd level and Intercultural Management.

18.00 Presentation of the Moodle online environment and the above-standard Study+ package for students of Social Management (VS), study programs from the School of Psychosocial Assistance and Counseling, Strategic Communication 2nd degree and study programs from the Doctoral School.

In separate presentations, you will receive a comprehensive overview and practical instructions for using Moodle, an online environment that enables the implementation of various learning activities and communication between teachers and students via the Internet. In addition, you will also learn about the above-standard Study+ package, which will give you even greater flexibility and additional options during your studies.

The presentations will be led by Moodle Administrator Rebeka Levpusček.


18.30 – join us at

Our library is not just a place where you can borrow books. It is a source of knowledge, inspiration and support for your academic and research needs. During the presentation, librarian Neža Božič will introduce you to the operation of the library, provide initial useful information for easier study – where to get study materials (library space, materials and databases) and how to help with the seminar assignments themselves (instructions, suggestions).


16.30 – the event will take place at Leskoškova 9e and via Zoom. You will receive the link by e-mail.

At the introductory doctoral meeting, we will explore key information and options that will help you successfully enter the world of doctoral studies.


You can also find more information about the doctoral program at the link.

You are kindly invited to join us, so you can discover how we and our staff build your path to success in the educational field you have chosen.

Prof. Borut Rončević, PhD

For more additional information, contact the Career Center at or call +386 5907 34 61.