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Psychodays 2022

Winter School of Psychology – Psychodays 2022

The feeling that we are not alone and that there is someone close to us who is facing similar problems and successfully overcomes them makes us stronger and more eager to recover and to also become a role model to someone else.

The School of Advanced Social Studies invites you to spend a day with students and professors of the study programs Psychosocial Support and Psychosocial Counseling, which are carried out at the faculty. We kindly invite all students, teachers, professional associates of various educational and social welfare institutions and everyone else who is interested in psychosocial support and counseling to the free Winter School of Psychology PSYCHODAYS. This event is organized for the seventh time.

This year, the PSYCHODAYS will be held online on 21st and 22nd of February 2022.

Together we will listen to interesting lectures in the field of psychosocial counseling, learn about the profession of psychosocial counselor, learn relaxation techniques and listen to inspiring stories of people who have encountered various problems in life and also successfully overcome them.

Due to limited vacancies, we invite you to register for the winter school no later than February 20th 2022 on the links below.

PROGRAM, February 21st, 2022

16.00-16.15 Introductory greeting

16.15-17.45 Lecture: Our life scenario

Asist. Edina Šifrar

People feel the need to categorize everything we experience as children, as this gives us a sense of predictability and security and allows us to form some ideas and patterns of how to act in certain circumstances. Eventually, based on our own experiences in relationships with others and the interaction of our external and internal world as children, we create schemes of these experiences or patterns through which we see ourselves and the world. Schemes can also be combined into large patterns or scripts, which, unlike the schemes themselves, are not as flexible and can limit us in creativity and constructive adaptation to different circumstances. These scripts, which serve us as a defense mechanism, make up our unconscious life plan or so-called life script. How we design our life script thus depends on our conclusions, which we make based on our experience, the circumstances in which we live, and the influence of the messages we receive from parents and other important people. The conclusions and scripts formed thus have a great impact on the quality of our lives.

In her lecture, Edina Šifrar, a registrar in Transactional-Analytical Psychotherapy, will present the main concepts of the life scenario and its impact on adult life, as well as the possibility of insight into recognizing our designed scripts.

Lecturer Edina Šifrar participates at SASS as an assistant and lecturer in professional subjects related to practice, mental health and personal growth, psychology and psychosocial counseling.

17.45 – 18.30 Lecture: The profession of psychosocial counselor

doc. dr. Primož Rakovec

Who is a psychosocial counselor? What knowledge and skills are required to practice this profession? What is and for whom is psychosocial counseling intended? How has psychosocial counseling evolved over time? Innovative approaches to the implementation of psychosocial counseling.

We will learn about the training for the profession of psychosocial counselor in Slovenia and abroad, in which areas graduates can be employed, what are the trends in the development of the profession of psychosocial counselor …

Doc. dr. Primož Rakovec is the head of the Department for Psychosocial Support and Counseling at SASS. As a lecturer, he participates in the higher education study program Psychosocial Support and the Master’s study program Psychosocial Counseling.


19.00 – 19.45 Presentation of personal experience: Coping with infertility

Natalija Bujadilo Kožuh, student of the undergraduate study program Psychosocial Support

After finishing high school, Natalija had a plan in the following order: continuing her education, career, marriage, family … All the goals were achieved, except for one, the most important for her.

Countless times did she want to feel the joy that motherhood brings, to enjoy selfless love and to do anything for a child. But unfortunately, she could never experience that. Diagnosis – Infertility put her on solid ground.

Realizing that nothing in life happens by chance, she was forced to face reality and figure out how to get back on her feet and live on.

Natalija is a very positive and warm person, and her view and approach to this issue can be supportive and inspiring to many. She intends to continue to work in this area and to provide support to people and couples facing this issue.

PROGRAM February 22nd, 2022

16.00 – 17.30 Lecture “Mindfulness: what is it, how do we approach it and why is it important?”

pred. Emil Karajić

Probably most of us have already encountered the concept of mindfulness, as it is very difficult to avoid it today, especially if we are interested in the field of mental health and psychosocial support. Reducing stress, better coping with chronic illnesses, having a beneficial effect on anxiety and depression, and having a positive effect on overall physical health are just some of the well-researched positive effects of the personal mindfulness practice. Due to its wide applicability, flexibility and universality, mindfulness is also becoming a key tool of many psychotherapeutic and counseling currents today.

In his short lecture, psychologist Emil Karajić will focus on the following questions: what is mindfulness, how to start your own practice of cultivating mindfulness and what pitfalls can we encounter along the way. It will offer quite a few practical guidelines that will be useful for both beginners and veterans of mindfulness cultivation.

Lecturer Emil Karajić participates at SASS as an assistant and lecturer in professional subjects related to rehabilitation, special and social pedagogy, as well as psychology and psychosocial counseling.

17.30 – 19.00 Relaxation techniques and meditations – daily practical actions for long-term well-being.

3rd year students of the undergraduate study program Psychosocial Support (BA)

Third-year students of the undergraduate study program Psychosocial Support (VS) will prepare a varied set of relaxation techniques and meditations for you as part of the course Selected Chapters in Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry, so that you can experience them first-hand.

Between different segments, you will have the opportunity to experience abdominal breathing, autogenic training, sedentary meditation, visualization, and many other relaxation techniques and meditations.


19.30 – 20.15 Presentation of personal experience: There are no problems, only challenges.

Tadeja Brankovič

Tadeja Brankovič will share her life story with us. A story that is shocking at times, but is still an inspiration. Inspiration to find strength within us and to have faith in ourselves. Sport has taught her that any defeat can only be a boost for new success. She persisted in top sports for 16 years. After a shoulder injury, she returned to skiing with her daughter. A wonderful experience for her, but mainly because of social norms it was not easy. She followed her heart. When she finally decided to finish her career and dedicate herself to her family was her most sacred cell, her life was just beginning to get complicated. A difficult divorce followed, she lost her job, with all the credit and two small children. She went on. Day after day. She had plenty of energy, she was able to do everything. And when she thought she was finally in the saddle, came the Fifth Olympics – a diagnosis of cancer. She wasn’t scared. Sport, faith in herself and a smile inspired her here as well. Whenever a problem arises, she says to herself, “Let’s do this!” There is no problem where life gets defeated. Her therapy was also writing the book The Fifth Olympics. An autobiography that inspires one that anything is possible. It’s all in our heads. We can do more than we dare to think. It’s not always easy, but it goes step by step. In the right direction.

Tadeja Brankovič is a former top athlete – biathlete with four appearances at the Olympic Games. Sport has given her everything she needs to live today – perseverance, relentlessness, focus, strength, optimism and faith in herself. A good result is not just a medal. There is much more to it. Getting out of the abyss is an invaluable result.

She graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj, and then obtained the title of specialist manager at the Faculty of Management in Koper. Today, she is a completely ordinary recreationist, a mother of two and a proud aunt. She is seeking peace and freedom in recreation. She loves to share her knowledge and experience. She is still involved in sports, lecturing to companies and various organizations, teaching cross-country skiing, Nordic walking and rollerblading. She also counsels athletes and parents. She invests a lot of her energy in children with deficits. She is very curious and loves to explore. A smile is her trademark. She lives.

During this difficult period and among the challenges that life presents us, we want you to relax, learn some relaxation techniques and get to know the profession of the future, for which you can study at SASS.

More information is available at: or tel. no. (05) 9073461.