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City excursion of Erasmus students

Also in this academic year in the first semester students from different countries came to our faculty for exchange mobility through the Erasmus+ program.

On Monday, 4th of October 2021, the Faculty of Applied Social Studies organized mini-excursions in Nova Gorica for 3 foreign students who successfully perform the Erasmus exchange. It was a beautiful autumn morning when we went for a walk around the city of Nova Gorica.

We first visited the Tourist Information Center, where students obtained the first information about the city, and at the same time received their own map of the city. While walking through the wide streets, we talked with the students all the time about various topics, including some of them that
came to Nova Gorica. They were especially impressed by the fact that the city itself has excellent connections to other cities, which they will certainly make very good use of it.

Then we visit a »Klub Goriških Študentov«, where the students arranged everything related to student meals. We also went to the M SERVIS Agency. Then we made another long circle around the city, in the direction of the Supernova shopping center, and in the meantime we become hungry so
we stopped at a nearby restaurant and we ordered a quick meal.

On the way, we also stopped at the Telemach, where they arranged everything necessary to pick up the new Slovenian phone number. In the end, we stopped in the main center of the city – on Bevkov trg, where we spent the rest of the afternoon with a few cold drinks.

We are pleased that foreign students decide to do Erasmus+ exchange at our faculty, so we are so happy to meet and associate with them.