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COMPETITION student Gosar awards for the year 2021

The School of Advaced Social Studies  in Nova Gorica annually expands the competition for student essays, which includes various current topics. The New Year brings a new theme and a new opportunity for students to express themselves with their abilities and opinions and share their imagination with the wider world. The theme that will inspire young minds is “Influencers in our lives”. With the competition, the school wants to explore the view of young people in their thinking about the influence of “influencers” on our lives. Students will be able to compete for the Student Gosar Awards for 2021 as well as a number of other practical awards.

Any work that will take part in the competition must be sent to the link (Google form) due to 26th February 2021. You can find all the information and details at the link.

In case of an additional question, you can write your question to the e-mail address or you can reach us on number: 05 907 34 61.