Why choose SASS?

Social problems and challenges never rest and they never run out. The functioning of democratic societies, the rule of law, the knowledge society, migration, cultural diversity, discrimination, stereotyping, poverty, hunger, unemployment, the right to work, victimization, mobbing, sexual harassment, domestic violence, abuse, online security, addiction, pollution, health care, euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering, stress, emotional distress, anxiety, depression ... just a few examples from a long list of challenges which are facing modern people and societies.

Study programmes of the School od Advanced Social Studies provide you with knowledge and competences required to successfully perform professional work, which continually brings new challenges. Irrespective of whether you will work in the public or private sector, or if you become a manager, organizer, analyst, officer, consultant or businessman, in addition to the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies to solve social challenges, you will need courage, enthusiasm and desire to contribute to improving the quality of life of others.  

**For all of our international students who wish to move to Slovenia and study here: we have teamed up with a biggest student work organization in Slovenia E-študentski servis (e- student service) to offer our tuition paying students an opportunity to study, work and live in Slovenia with a guarantied, secured job for the time being in Slovenia as our student. For more information about this project "Study, live and work in Slovenia", please contact our students office at referat@fuds.si or call at (+386)5 907 2461 - CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS!!!.**

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