Assistant professor Marie Valentova, PhD.


E-mail: marie.valentova at


Lecturer at Ph.D. courses:

  • Triangulation Methods

Curriculum vitae:

Dr. Valentova has a masters degree Social Policy and Social Work (Masaryk University, the Czech Republic) and in political analysis of European society (the Tilburg University, the Netherlands). She obtained a Ph.D. in Sociology at the Masaryk University (Czech Republic). Dr. Valentova works as a researcher at CEPS / INSTEAD in Luxembourg. Her research work and publications extend from participation in the labor market to reconciliation in the family sphere, gender and values area, etc..


  • Valentová, M.(2001) Old Age Pension System Reforms in the Czech Republic and Slovenia - Similarities and Differences. Prague Economic Papers Vol.4, pp.373-385
  • Fairweather, A., Roncevic, B., Rydbjerg, M., Valentova, M., Zajc, M. (2002) Reconceptualisation of Social Quality. European Journal of Social Quality. Vol.3, No.1/2, pp. 109-134
  • Valentová, M. (2005) The Czech Women in the Labour Market. A European Comparison. Women in Management Review, Special Issue: Developments in Gender and Management in Central and Eastern Europe. Vol. 20, No.5, pp. 312-328
  • Valentová, M. (2006) Labour Market Inactivity Due to Family Care. Equal Opportunities International. Vol.25, No.5, pp.389-406
  • In preparation: Marie Valentová, Iva Šmídová and Tomáš Katrnak (2007) Gender Segregation in the Labour Market Placed in the Context of Educational Segregation: Cross-National Comparison. Slovak Sociological Review.
  • and others...


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