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Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, INNO-WISEs - Technologies, Conmpetences and Social Innovation for Work Integration Social Enterprises / 

Interreg CENTRAL Europe - Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and Integration – SEE ME IN


Technologies, Competences and Social Innovation for Work Integration Social Enterprises

SMEs in Central Europe currently face shortages of skilled labour force mainly in relation to the requirements posed by technological progress and economic innovation. This is particularly true for Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) as social SMEs working for the integration of disadvantaged groups. Even though they represent significant economic actors in Europe (engaging over 14.5 million paid employees), WISEs are in fact disadvantaged compared to traditional SMEs since they often suffer from technological gaps due to low investment levels and lack of necessary skills. The INNO-WISEs project will tackle these weaknesses by improving the capacity of WISEs to offer qualified jobs to disadvantaged groups, hence contributing to greater social cohesion. Through the implementation of an integrated approach (tackling all development needs of the sector from technology gaps to skills shortages), and through the production of specific outputs for the WISE sector (including a knowledge management framework, a flexible ICT platform, training programmes etc.), the project is expected to significantly change the entrepreneurial mind-set, skills and attitude of the sector by building and promoting a stronger culture of entrepreneurship and greater social innovation capacities. To reach this ambitious objective, INNO-WISEs has a strong and highly qualified transnational dimension, involving, as partners, key research and technological entities, a group of WISE consortia in Central Europe countries and the European Network of WISEs located in Belgium, which will be a key factor in the successful implementation of the project since it will determine the high applicability and transferability of its results.

INNO-WISEs will represent a ground-breaking project for the social economy sector since it will bring, adapt and make enterprises able to use technologies and skills which are currently out of their reach and which will represent a turning point for their development.

Role of the SASS:

SASS will be the leader of WPT1-General context analysis which will be divided in two levels: a general one and a country/region specific one. SASS, thanks to its experience of management and research, will lead the partners in the general research and it will have also a leading role in the redaction of the Slovenian country/region specific study. In addition, SASS will have a role in the elaboration of the project strategies for improvement of the social enterprises working for the employment of disadvantaged groups. SASS will have an active role in all other key project activities by for example supporting Pilot project's implementation in Slovenia and contributing to effective communication strategies (e.g. through specific scientific publications). The benefit for SASS will be to research in a transnational framework with relevant partners and to continue its activities linked to social entrepreneurship. Also, with participation in the project SASS will upgrade and strengthen its theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge and skills. Moreover, SASS will benefit from the project partnership in terms of exchanging knowledge, learning lessons and applying established contacts in further cooperation and research.In terms of EU co-financed projects SASS will gain new experiences and valuable knowledge in collaborating in the process of applying a project and following implementation of it. No economic activity will be performed within the project or as a result of it.

Project manager: Assist. Prof. .Tea Golob, PhD.

Project coordinator: Jasmina Jakomin MA

2. Interreg CENTRAL Europe

Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and Integration – SEE ME IN

Project duration: 1 March 2019 – 28 February 2022

Lead Partner: Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Short description of the project

School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS) is actively engaged in another important project titled “Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and Integration – SEE ME IN”,  which includes ten partners from five central European countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Germany). The project is financed by the EU Cohesion policy program Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, which supports transnational cooperation and, encourages activities that improve cities and regions across central Europe.

The main idea of the project “SEE ME IN” is to enhance migrants' integration in central Europe by enabling their enterprises to become financially secure and independent. In central Europe, mainly in the urban contexts, migrants represent an important pool of entrepreneurs, but can face specific legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to promote immigrants’ entrepreneurship and make them more responsible and competitive on the market. Another essential dimension of the project is also enhanced social cohesion.

In order to pursue these goals, project partners will engage in the following activities:

- Context analysis that will increase the knowledge on immigrants’ entrepreneurship;

- Creation of an environment where immigrants’ entrepreneurs can flourish and grow;

- Pilot Project to test a “Cloud Hub” to support these enterprises;

-  Supporting the development of a B2B dimension among migrant entrepreneurs and established ones.

As a higher education and research institution, SASS will be responsible for the coordination of the so called Work Package One that includes Context Analysis. Therefore, SASS will coordinate the following activities: mapping of existing enterprises (main sectors, number of employees); analysis of training needs and, ability to network and integrate.

SASS team working on the project:

dr. Tea Golob - project manager (

dr. Matej Makarovič - steering committee (

Janja Mikulan Kildi - communication manager (

Jasmina Jakomin - financial manager (