Society Risk

Institute for Researching social risks

Socially provoked risks has become an obvious component of today's society. Decision-making in situations of high social complexity is done under conditions where not all the possible outcomes can be predicted, while making decisions in real time is necessary because irresolution in complex systems does not necessarily mean avoiding risk.

The research work of the Institute for Exploration social risks includes the following areas:

1. Long-term research program to strive for a comprehensive analysis of gambling and entertainment industry. To this end, the research program is divided into three sets.

The first part consists of establishing a centre of knowledge on the field of gambling studies. By the end of 2007 a publicly available internet base GambLib was established and in the future years it will developed into reference base of knowledge from the field of gambling studies. The base records all relevant institutions, research and pedagogic programmes, relevant bibliography etc. The base is available at

The second part consists of analysis of public discourse on gambling in Slovenian media and public opinion. In this aspect a Study of Social Impacts of Gambling in Slovenia was preformed. The results were published in monography by Macur, M.; Makarovič, M.; Rončević, B.; Vehovar, U.; Zorec, K. (2008) Družbeni stroški igralništva v Sloveniji, Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije; Nova Gorica. Several other papers were published in international monographies like:
- MEYER, Gerhard (Ed.). Challenges, prevention and interventions : problem gambling in Europe. New York: Springer, cop. 2009
- EADINGTON, William R. (Ed.). Integrated resort casinos : Implications for economic growth and social impacts. Reno: University of Nevada, Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming College of Business, cop. 2009, str. 127-15.
In January 2010 a thematic issue of Research and Debates Journal will be dedicated to the topic Gambling in Slovenian Perspective.

The researchers at the Institute participated at two of the most recent gambling and gaming events:
- EASG conference in Nova Gorica, held between 1st and 4th of July 2008 titled: Putting all the pieces together
- 14th International conference on gambling and risk taking at Lake Tahoe, held between 25th and 29th of May 2009.

The third part deals with evaluation of impacts of gambling and accompanying activities with special reference of Goriška region and Slovenian social environment. This will be reached with a system of indicators which will be established from interdisciplinary perspective and will in the future years enable constant upgrading and monitoring of positive and negative impacts of gambling. Such monitoring will than enable the shaping of so-called action plans or references for encouraging positive and abolish negative impacts and for prediction of future trends.

2. Objective focused Research Project Nuclear Facilities and social acceptability: consensus focused sustainable development in the community concerning social acceptability of risks associated with nuclear facilities and placing them in environment through consensus of all stakeholders.

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