Asistant professor, PhD Tjasa Stepisnik Perdih

+386 31 796 417
Research fields: 
psychosomatics, trauma, bodily responses

Tjaša Stepišnik Perdih is a assistant professor for psychosocial counselling. In 2007 she graduated in social pedagogy at Faculty for Education in Ljubljana, and in 2016 successfully defended her interdisciplinary doctoral thesis entitled Physiological measures of emotions and their role in the process of marital and family therapy. She is also certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and TRE (Tension, stress and trauma Releasing Exercises). In her own psychotherapeutic practice she integrates aforementioned body-oriented techniques with relational therapy. She is also a national representative for Slovenia at European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) and a member of executive board at Association of marital and family therapists Slovenia (ZDT).

Contact hours: 
by appointment
Teaching assistant at B.A. courses: Practice 1, Practice 2, Practice 3, Selected topics in psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry, Management in Social care, Neuropsychology and psychotherapy, Developmental Psychology, Rehabilitation, special and social pedagogy, Theories and models of personality, Deliquency theories and process of help in community, Introduction into health and social care. Teaching assistant at M.A. courses: Psychotherapy and Violence, Theory of Addiction and Addiction Treatment